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Have you said ,”Thank You ,Jesus” Today?

Posted by admin on March 5, 2011 with 69 Comments

Have you said ,”Thank You ,Jesus ” today? Do you remember the story of the ten lepers that were healed by Jesus  in the gospel? Only one of them came to say thank you to Jesus.Do you remember what Jesus told? Let me remind you.

According to Luke 17:19.Jesus said to him, “Stand up and go ,your faith  has saves you.” This means that while the other lepers got their physical cleansing ,the leper who  went back also got spiritual liberation.

We too get spiritual  liberation if we take time to thank Jesus everyday.We   can do this in many different ways.We can do it by simply saying ,”Thank you ,Jesus” as many  times as we can  through out the day.This has the astonishing effect of making every situation better.It is our way of saying Jesus knows about our condition and telling Him to take absolute control.The spiritual healing which he gives to those who continually call on his  name pervades everything we do for the rest of day.

Another way we can say thank you Jesus is to say the chaplet of Thank you ,Jesus  one thousand (1,000) times  every day.This  chaplet consists of 200 beads  and repeating this 5 times will get  you to I000.This payer is a game changer as they say in the  USA.

As you say it ,you will find it is both meditative and transformational.I use it to my morning exercise .I walk around saying  Thank you  Jesus, one thousand  times.It clears up my head for the day and as Fr Mbaka likes to say it makes feel as if I have put myself inside Jesus.

The other good thing about this chaplet of Thank you Jesus which is also called the caplet of the Eucharist  is that it can be used to say  all the mysteries of the rosary,including the mystery of the light.This chaplet of Thank you Jesus was inspired by Our Lord Jesus Christ to Bishop Gabriel Gasum Ganaka of Blessed Memory.

Let us all say thank you to Jesus everyday  for he knows all our problems.Those  who say  1000 Thank You Jesus everyday  can attest to the miracoulous difference this has made in their lives, why not try this and see what Jesus will do for you.

This chaplet is available in many parishes in Nigeria or you can buy the full -all mysteries- rosary from your local parish or catholic bookshop and use it   for that.You can also place an order from the sister who first started making these chaplets in Nigeria.Either way, make sure you say thank you Jesus today.