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Only God loves you as you are

Posted by admin on November 21, 2010 with No Comments

If you have been trying to live the Christian life for sometime now,you may be disappointed to discover that even those who profess their love  of Christ are very unforgiving.It is only good who truly loves you and forgives you every day in-spite of your faults and weaknesses.

If you really want to be happy ,you have to prepare your mind to be treated unfairly.Do not be shocked if people treat you unfairly,because most people only seek  to protect their interest when they deal with you.If your behavior makes them feel uncomfortable,they will let you know immediately in no uncertain terms.

If  it means your being yelled at ,you will be yelled at.If it means your being called “stupid” you will called that without mercy.They only way people will not be so blunt with you is if they feel they will benefit from interacting with you or they fear that they will something for being rude to you.

Remember ,it is only God who takes pity on you because of your inadequacies.Others will make fun of you.Sadly,this can be very discouraging sometimes.Just remind  yourself that people also made fun of Jesus and some people continue to make fun of Him today.

Expecting people to treat  you nicely because you  are trying to be good Christian, is like expecting that  because a person is a vegetarian ,a lion will be nice to you.Of course this is not true.Do not put God to the test because of making wrong choices.

The truth is that we all make mistakes.This is why in our daily lives ,we need constantly to remind our selves that God understands our situation  and will help succeed.He loves us as we are ,no matter what others tell you.

Criticism and negative remarks are painful,but if we remind ourselves that God is on our side,things will become better in God’s good time.God takes care of everything.The biggest problem we all have ,is that we do not ask God enough  to help us.We need to  remind ourselves that we are children of God and our Father will never forsake us.

Reading the bible regularly will help us see on a daily basis ,how others before us  have prayerfully interacted with Jesus.After all Jesus said in John 15:5″Without me ,you can do nothing”.