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The comfort zone

Posted by admin on August 28, 2010 with No Comments

It is not possible to love God without detachment.To love Cod one must be detached from his or her attachment to familiar things of this world.This is equivalent to one giving up his or her comfort zone.

Each person has his or her comfort zone.If you tell someone to do something that fits into their comfort zone they will do it immediately.If it doesn’t  fit into their comfort zone(what they usually enjoy doing effortlessly )they will not do it.

The comfort zone includes one’s  sense of  goodness, boldness  and invincibility. When basket ball players get into the zone they feel like they can make any shot they take.When our comfort zone coincides with God’s comfort zone, we feel like there is no cross we cannot carry and nothing we cannot ask God to do for us. We truly feel like children of God and have unlimited confidence in God for the time we are in the zone of total congruence.

We all have  our different comfort zones and our different degrees of attachment to material goods,friendships and honor.The degree to which we are detached from these and attached to God determines how faithfully we seek the will of God in every circumstance.This is a reflection of how congruent our comfort zone is to that of God.

After all,the Lord says in John15:5,”without me you can do nothing”He was not joking when He said it.We need to understand our dependence on God and constantly ask for his help.We also need to understand that while being in our comfort zone may help us do God’s will sometimes,it is only when our comfort zone completely fits into God’s comfort zone that we can joyfully do His will all the time.

This is because God is unchangeable but we are not.If we are fully attached to God’s comfort zone,no matter our own comfort zone and other people’s comfort zone  are we  shall be fine.This is because God whom we know takes care of everything will take care of us too.

For us to remain fully attached to to God we need to become full time prayer warriors,We are already assured in Mt.7:7 that if we ask we shall receive .The problem we have is that we do not ask for long enough.We say our prayers once or at most a few times and we give up.We do not repeatedly present our lives,our circumstances,our dreams and goals to God.

Unfortunately even when we ask for God’s help we get easily discouraged by minor set backs and disappointments.We quickly forget that every disappointment  is a blessing and that God’s time is the best.

The hallmark of being in God’s zone is seeking to do His will all the time even when it is hard.Do you think it was easy for Joseph and Mary to flee with the child Jesus to Egypt? Why do you think they did it? It was because they knew  it was what God wanted them to do  at that point in their lives.Are we doing what God wants us to do at this point in our lives?

It is only through prayer that we can discern God’s plan for our lives and keep our selves attached to God.Even if we fail sometimes we must  continue to look up to Jesus and continue to try.We must continue to try to make our comfort zone in conformity to Jesus.Remember ,Jesus asked us to pray without ceasing.

A powerful form of prayer that enables  us to do this more effectively is “transforming by beholding” in adoration.