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On the road to Damascus

Posted by admin on June 8, 2010 with No Comments

According to Fulton Sheen in “Peace of Soul”,   ” The God responsive soul thinks of religion in terms of submission to the will of God.  ” This is what happened to Saint Paul on the road to Damascus and his prayer changed to “Not my will but thine,be done,O Lord.” He was no longer interested in using God but  in God using him.

Prior to this encounter ,Paul was just a religious man who tried to serve God in Paul’s way.Does this sound familiar?In some ways we are all like Paul until we encounter Christ in our spiritual journey.This is why today,though many of us are christians by profession,we fail to live as God wants us to.

This is like driving a car our own way ,instead of according to the traffic laws.Could you imagine what would happen if every body did precisely what they wanted while driving through the streets of our major cities.This will lead to chaos.

This is precisely what happens when we want to serve God according to our own understanding of God only.This is akin to driving according to your own understanding of the traffic laws.We decide what each rule means and how we shall interpret or apply it.We decide what makes sense and what does not.This is just like Paul on his road to Damascus.

Living like this shows that we have not yet encountered  Christ in a personal and life changing way as Paul did.We have not yet asked the question “Lord what will you have me do?I have not asked it and you probably have not asked it.We know of Christ but we are not yet fully committed to Him.We are still troubled by certain requirements in the spiritual life.

We fail to recognize like Paul did,that we are soldiers of Christ who need to submit to  the will of God ,every minute of  every day.As soldiers of Christ ,we surprisingly forget that the spiritual life is warfare between our unbridled desires and conforming our desires to the will of God.To be victorious  we need to be vigilante,mission centered and win the war,daily.

One person I know who has remained vigilant day in day out is Father Mbaka. He constantly presents himself to God in prayer,asking for forgiveness and blessings.He spends hours in front of the blessed sacrament praying.

May be for us one simple way we can change our lives is to pray more frequently and more fervently.To mean what we say and say what we mean.We must like Paul ask the question,’Lord what will you have have me do? ”

In order to do whatever the Lord will have us do ,we must pray every minute of our lives.This is the spirituality of the moment.Only our transformational relationship with Christ with the help of the holy spirit  and the church will help us PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens).

May God continue to forgive , bless  and transform us.