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Transforming by beholding

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Adoration ministry is about transforming by beholding.Fr.Mbaka says that those who continually present themselves to the Lord will be transformed by the experience of beholding Him, who is ,the Alpha and Omega.One of the best ways we can do this is to visit the Lord in the blessed sacrament on a regular basis.Regular adoration every Wednesday at the adoration grounds Enugu is one way  to do it.If you are too far to go every Wednesday read “adoration outside adoration grounds “to know what to do next.Other ideas on what to do are welcome.

St.Paul on his road to Damascus was transformed by beholding.Acts 9:3-6 ” On his journey,as he was nearing Damascus,a light from the sky suddenly flashed around him.He fell to the ground…………..Now get up and go into the city and you will be told what you must do.” Paul ,then Saul got up and did as he was told.One of the steps to transformation while beholding the Lord is submission to the will of God.

According to Fulton Sheen “The God responsive soul thinks of religion in terms of submission to the will of God.He does not look to the infinite to help him in his infinite interests,but rather seeks to surrender his finite interests to the infinite.No longer interested in using God he wants God to use him.Like Paul after his encounter with the Lord he or she asks,”What will you have me do ,O Lord?”

Today as friends of adoration we have to ask our selves what steps are we taking to adore God and submit our selves to the will of God.Each person should share with others what has worked for them in the past.One of my friends said that he anchored his adoration of the Lord by saying “Jesus,I love you ,help me remove the shadows in my life today”,each time he got into his car or got to a “Stop” sign on the road.

Another friend me told me that he always invited Love into his life because he was sure that if he welcomed love into his life,success and wealth would follow.Awesome!!Can you imagine that?

A third friend told me ,he tried to imagine that he was always in adoration all the time.You know how when you are in Church you swallow some responses because you are in Church.Well,this friend of mine kept it  up for the rest of the day and found out it was good for the peace of his soul
and the health of his body.

It is well!!.Please read and share your thoughts.

Adoration outside adoration grounds

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If you are unable to go for adoration every Wednesday night with Fr.Mbaka because  you are in America,Europe ,China and other parts of the world.There are a number of things you can do.First where ever you find yourself make an attempt to attend mass that Wednesday.Second form a group of adoration members in your community and listen to Father Mbaka’s latest adoration talk.Third  read the word of God from the  bible and pray  the rosary.Fourth share testimonies and try to meet regularly.

On none adoration days continue your adoration spirituality by attending mass when you can and reading the bible and  good spiritual books.This will help one continually present him or herself to God for transformation from one glory to another glory.Listening to Father Mbaka’s music and similar music at least once a week will help to keep us in the adoration zone.Allelulia!

Last but not  the least is for us to find out what is going on  at the world adoration headquarters in Enugu and share the news with others by posting comments on also means choosing which adoration project each adoration region or member will actively participate in. As we all know Father is  involved in helping the sick,helping the poor through education and holding  those in authority accountable.

Please get involved! Share the adoration ministry mission of helping people live healthy happy lives in Christ.Yes  Ohh…From one glory to another glory.It is well.

God bless you:It is Well !!

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Welcome to a place for unlimited adoration blessings and divine enrichment.It is well!!