3 tips to unlimited abundance

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If you want to live abundantly, be prepared to love abundantly. This means trying as much as you can to love yourself and others without conditions and without benchmarks.Are you prepared to forgive those who treat you the way you do not like? Are you ready to overlook hurtful remarks and accept your daily challenges? Here are 3 tips to unlimited abundance.

The first tip is that you should anchor your quest for unlimited abundance in the Lord. Remember that in John 10:10b, Jesus said”I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly.” This means Jesus has come so that we can have joy, happiness,health and success beyond our imagination.

This does not mean, we shall live a life without struggle.After all in John 10:10 a, Jesus said ,”A thief comes only to steal and slaughter and destroy.” This means that while Jesus is prepared to give unlimited abundance , the thief , who can sometimes come to us in the form of our excuses or uncontrolled desires , is out limit our abundance and destroy us. However, if we make the mistake of trying to fight a thief who is much stronger than us, we shall lose.

The second tip for unlimited abundance is praying to win. This means you talk to God about your situation in life. You admit your weaknesses, imperfections and sins. You tell God your  fears , concerns and worries. Howevr, don’t forget to tell God about your hopes, goals and dreams. Finally , tell God about your plans and the daily action states you intend to take to help you make your dreams a reality. After all, We all know that God helps those who help themselves.

This is means that after you have prayed and presented your plans to God, if you stumble on the way, you will have to get up and keep on going. After all because Jesus, loved us so much, even after falling three times on his road to calvary, he still got up and carried his cross. This was because he knew his mission  was to die for us, so that we become children of God and have the capacity to have life abundantly. What can we learn from this?

Do you cooking because the first time you tried it nobody wanted to It? No, what you do is go back to the drawing board and learn how to become a better cook. Did you give up driving because the first time , you tried it ,you failed? No. Do not give on your prayers or your desire for unlimited abundance because you are struggling right now. After all, most great projects start small.

The third tip to living with unlimited abundance, is being thankful. The more you thank God for what he has done for you, the more he will do for you. You can thank God through the “Thank You Jesus Rosary”, you can also thank God through regular reading of the bible, you can also thank God by sharing your time,talents and wealth with others. You can help others get an education or get access to health.You can also thank God, by trying to do ordinary things extra=ordinarily well.

May God continue to bless you beyond  your wildest imagination. May you have life  with unlimited abundance!!!!!!

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Make God your partner for better time management

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Time is the most precious commodity we have. We all have only 24 hours in a day,yet some of us get the most out of it, while others continue to make excuses for wasting time. While there are many psychology and business books that will teach you about time management, few of those books will talk about making God your divine partner for better time management.

Making God our partner will help us get direction and purpose in our daily activities. It will  also help us to more urgently appreciate the value of the present moment. While yesterday is gone and tomorrow is uncertain, the least we can do is make sure we do our best with the present moment.What do you typically do your present moment? Do you go to work? Are you getting ready fora party? Asking  God for help?

Sometimes  we are in such a hurry to get things done that we forget to share our plans with God. Whenever, I tried this approach I have ended up wasting more time and achieving much less. This is usually due to a string of distractions that  suddenly crop and end up leading to a significant waste of my time.

Trusting God and telling Him about your situation may help you  accept what you cannot change. This will include those times when you have done everything  possible but you still end up with problems. In such situations believe that God will see you through and help you to manage your time in such situations. Make God your partner, because without his help you will find yourself struggling to manage time and your life .

Unfortunately, one of the reasons we waste time is because, we take like for granted. We forget that the only time we are 100% sure of experiencing is right now. yesterday is gone and tomorrow depends on God. This is why it would be wise foe us to partner with God and ask Him to help us make the best use of the present moment.


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Become a winner by depending on God all the time

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You can become a winner by depending on God all the time. Say short prayers all the time. The more we depend on God, the more we show how much we trust Him. However, we ll have to remember  that loving God and living according to His will all the days of all lives. Challenges can come in many different ways. They can come from work , from school or from home. Sometimes they can come swiftly and unexpectedly from the evil one.

It will be a big mistake for you to try to fight the devil alone. He has been around for a long, long time and he knows all the suggestions he can throw at you the he convinced Eve to eat the apple. Remember that the devil even tempted Jesus. Therefore, we should not be surprised if the devil tries to convince us to do the wrong thing.

If we depend on God all the time, we shall continue to overcome all the problems that will come our way. Whether these problems are financial or academic , spiritual or health -related issues . Through baptism , we all have the grace to live as children of God. To get the most out of our new life in Christ, we have acknowledge our weaknesses and total dependency on God. After all, Christ said that without Him. we can do nothing.

Unfortunately, sometimes we get carried away by our desires and tendency to seek pleasure at any cost. We forget that we are all struggling with the sin in us, that makes us do what we do want to do and fail to do what we want to do.This is because the body has desires against the spirit . According to St. Paul in Galatians, 16,” live by the Spirit and you will certainly not gratify the desire of the flesh”. In order to do this, we need to gain a better understanding of ourselves, our inner compass and the patterns that dominate our lives.

If you really want to become a winner and consistently overcome your daily temptations, you have to start by admitting to God that you need His help all the time. God will will help us if we take the steps to help ourselves.  First we have to help ourselves by thanking God everyday. Secondly we have to pray to win everyday. We can do this by praying  for ourselves and by asking others to pray for us.  The third step would be to try to help others . By helping others we feel better about ourselves and become reminded of how God has helped us become more successful and happy in our daily lives, despite our daily struggles against sin and man’s wickedness to man.

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5 ways to make yourself happy and more successful today

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Despite the different challenges we have to deal with everyday, we all want to be happy and successful everyday. Fortunately, we have a savior through whom we can  do that. The good news is that Jesus has already told us, that He will do it for us. All we have to do is listen to Him and do what He asks us to do. Here are 5 ways to make yourself happy and more successful today.

First we need to confess our situation to God. Tell God the truth about your situation and circumstances. If you are not happy tell God about it. You may be able to deceive others but you cannot deceive God. After all,  Psalm 139:2-4 says,”..You understand my thoughts from afar. My travels and my rest you mark; with all my ways you are familiar.Even before a word is my tongue, Lord you know it all.”

Since God knows so much about us, to be happy and successful everyday, it is important that we begin by telling God about about problems, our fears and our hopes. This will demonstrate to God that we trust Him. Trust is the most important element of any relationship. God will help us if we consistently, let Him Know that we trust Him and that we need Him.Do this today and let us know how it makes you feel.  One great thing about talking to God is that you immediately  begin to feel that you are not only. You will start to feel that you have someone on your side who understands you.God more than understands you. He will transform you and make you happy and successful today, if you will let Him.

The second way to be happy is to tell God what you want. Write this down. Go into details about what you want and why you want it. Tell God about your vision and how you will use your the fulfillment of your goals and dreams to serve Him and help yourself and others. Tell Him how you plan to make a difference.

The third way will be to ask God to tell you what He wants from you. This is where you have to listen to God. Doing this will help discover your inner compass and give you peace and joy , that even your present difficulties and challenges cannot take away.

The fourth way to be happy is to begin taking action immediately. Don’t just read this and say,” I will start tomorrow”. Begin now!Confess, trust , align your goals with your inner  compass and begin to take action immediately.

Finally, pray to win without stopping. After all praying is all about talking to God, listening to God and  loving one another in the circumstances and situations that make up our daily lives. Don’t get discouraged, recharge yourself everyday through prayers and faithfulness the will of God.  To be happy and successful everyday, we all have to pray to win through our thoughts, actions and commitment to bringing peace , joy and hope to ourselves and others.


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Find your inner peace throughout your day

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We all know that some days of our lives can turn out to be more challenging than others. The challenges could come from our inability to follow through on our own plans or from our fear of failure or even from dealing with health, financial and relationship issues. You can find your inner peace throughout the day by consistently praying to win.If you are not sure about  how to consistently pray to win everyday, then you can read  the book Praying To Win: How To Get More Victories And Riches In Your Daily Life Through Spiritual Principles to find out more ways you do this.

God will help us find our inner peace throughout the day , if we ask Him to help us and we if we help ourselves.If you really want to have inner peace in your daily life, you have to have a greater understanding of the obstacles you have to with deal with everyday.One  obstacle that easily wastes my time and yours, is distractive living. This happens when instead of tackling the task at hand , you find yourself wasting time, watching TV, chatting, talking on too much on the phone, discussing other people’s lives, procrastinating and trying to do too many different things at the same time.

In order to find inner peace throughout your day, you  have to commit  to praying to regularly and learn to consistently  take small but important  simple steps to help you accomplish your most complex daily tasks or projects. If you do not to do this, you will find yourself , not succeeding as much as you would like to. This can lead to lack of inner peace and confusion especially if we decide to completely rely on ourselves. This is why it is important for us to make sure we do not get discouraged and continue to praise God and ask Him to help us.  We have to admit our weaknesses  before God,then  shamelessly and consistently ask Him to bless us. After all, God has promised  us, ” ask  and you shall receive”.

One of the reasons we lack inner peace in our daily lives is because we do not always place enough confidence on God to see us through our daily  challenges and plans. This leads to a situation where we start the day without clear cut plans on how to proceed and find ourselves zigzagging through the day with little accomplishments.

Sometimes our lack of inner peace comes from our becoming overwhelmed by our problems and fears. These could range from challenges  like no jobs,looking for admission, looking for better relationships, trying to get married, trying to get pregnant and trying to become a more loving person. These challenges could overwhelm our senses and lead us to become less confident. We can  turn this around by praying to win, becoming more thankful to God for His little mercies, and placing our fears, worries, and challenges in the hands of God.

Through regular prayers, we can consistently ask God to help us become winners. He can help us get that new job we have always wanted, succeed in our business, get our children, our cars, our own homes  and become  more loving and forgiving. There is nothing  too much for us to ask God to do for us because we know that, “nothing is impossible” for God.

Finding inner peace in our daily lives and in our lives, is important because we cannot share  inner peace with others if we do not have peace within ourselves. We cannot give inner peace to our wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, friends , children and customers, if we do not have peace within ourselves. Without inner peace we cannot connect and communicate well with others. This can end up affecting our health, relationships and finances.

One key to finding inner peace in our lives, is  discovering our inner compass. This will help us find our own unique pathway to love and peace, consistent with the unique purpose God has for us in our lives. May God continue to forgive us our sins, and give us the grace to peacefully and joyfully live according to His will for us, now and forever.Amen!!!


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God will not fail you if you pray to win everyday

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God will not fail you if you pray to win everyday. Think about that for a moment. The Almighty God, the creator of the universe, will be  there to help you succeed, if  you can take the time to ask Him for help  you everyday. After all, praying to win everyday, is all about telling God about our situation and circumstances,  and asking Him to help us become winners and masters of our own destiny. This is possible through the grace of God,provided we seek to do God’s will in our lives.

The problem we all face is that we all get fired up, ready to change the world then we stumble on the first challenge to our well laid plans for the day. Sometimes this challenge may come from others and at other times it may come from us. For me , one common problem, is getting distracted by other attractions, like watching TV, postponing deadlines  and easily accepting delays and excuses for not doing an excellent job.

Externally, the discouraging factors, may come from our loved ones, urging us to give up on our dreams because they are unrealistic or because they are sure we shall fail because they know we are not good enough.They will tell us they know very well and what we can do. Ask God for the spirit of discernment. This is because  as long as yo have done your diligence and taking actions that are in keeping with your inner compass, you will not fail. this is because God will not let you fail if you put all your trust in Him. Putting our trust in God, means He will become  like a trusted best friend to us. Of course, He is much more than that. He is the Alpha and Omega.

Even when things appear impossible or  appear certain to fail, hang onto Jesus. Jesus never fails. Remember the the song, “Jesus never fails.” Here are the words of the song, “Your father, may fail you, your mother may fail you, your brother, may fail you, your sister may fail you, your friend, may fail you, but Jesus never fails, never fails.”

Don’t get me wrong, this does not mean that we will not have difficulties and setbacks. It  means that as long as we continue praying to win  everyday, and seek to contribute positively to our community and our environment, God will see us through.Amen!


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