Stay in the moment to be the best

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If you want to get the best results out of your day and take your life to the next level then you have to learn to stay in the moment. Unless we learn to consistently stay in the moment which always find ourselves overcome by daily distractions.In modern life there are many distractions that can come from ourselves and our environment.Here are tips to help us overcome them and stay in the moment.

The first tip is to know yourself. If you don’t know yourself you may end up agreeing to do things that you cannot do. You may end up promising to do  things that you cannot do. This will make you too anxious to please others Pray to God to help you gain a better understanding of yourself, so that you can sincerely ask for help.

Staying in the moment is not easy because while in one place our minds can wonder to other places. This can lead to loss of concentration which can make us less effective in our daily performance. Without increasing our daily performance our aspirations, our dreams for earning more, becoming more faithful, and more generous will remain unfulfilled.

Here are three tips to help you stay in the moment. First is to say to yourself, ” Stay i the moment.” Doing this will help you to refocus your thoughts and actions on what you are actually doing. We often forget that the only time we truly possess is the moment we are living in. After all we are not even sure of the next hour. This is why we have to learn to try to be our best in everything we do.

When I catch my mind wandering  in the moment or the task  despite my attempt to focus at the  ask at hand. I begin to say a prayer of gratitude. I say, “thank you to Jesus “, that I am still alive. I do this as many times as I need to,  to stop my mind from wandering all over the place.  the second tip is to be thankful.

The third tip for staying in the moment is to pray and acknowledge our fears,and feelings.We know that God is always with us, even in our darkest moments so  that  placing our trust in Him will help us transform ourselves from worry to merry. From sadness to happiness, from low   expectations to fabulous. Amen!!!!




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Use your intentions to guide your daily action

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God wants us to succeedHe wants us to have a successful and enjoyable life. However, He cannot help us unless we help ourselves. We can only help ourselves if we have clear intentions and plans to implement them. It is important that we contemplate how conscious we are about what we’re doing and the direction we’re headed. Reflecting on what you’re going to do next helps you plan for and accomplish your goals. You can use  your  intentions to guide ypr daily actions.

Do you know your intentions?

Make sure you are clear in your mind about the kind of intentions you have and why you have them. Remember that Intentions are powerful. When you intend to do something, you begin to set up your time and situations so you can make it happen. In essence, when you know your intentions, it brings you power that you cannot obtain by any other method.

Your intentions keep your plans in the forefront of your mind. Whenever you’re thinking about what you intend to do, you’re reminded of your goals. If you intend to lose weight, for example, you’ll catch yourself thinking about what you’ll do today to lose weight—what you’ll eat and how you’ll burn extra calories.  If you intend to make more money , you will see yourself thinking of what goods and services you can provide that will help you make more money.Your intentions set you on a path to excel because they are on your mind consistently.

You can have short-term intentions and longer term intentions. A short-term intention might be going to work every day and excelling in some small way. It can also be reading the bible everyday or saying the “Thank You Jesus Rosary” everyday. A longer then intention may to build a house or own your home.

However having long term and short-term intentions, will not be enough. You have to take action regularly before you can make your intentions a reality. Remember that just because you have good intentions does not mean that people will not oppose you or that the devil will stop tempting you.

To overcome obstacles and challenges  to your intentions, keep on praying and keeping on working hard everyday.Don’t give up!!

Intentions are a fascinating paradox because you control having intentions and your intentions, in a sense, drive (control) your actions. Ultimately, you’ll prosper because of them.When you intend to do something, you’re optimistic because you know deep inside that you will do it. This will make you feel good about your self., however  Don’t forget that your intentions are not enough unless you actually take action.

Make sure you rely on God.You’ll live a life you truly want when you know what you’re going to do with it. Your intentions provide powerful guidelines, bring you confidence, and spark your motivation to live your best life each day!

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Get to the next level through the spirituality of now

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We already know that the only thing constant in life is change. Are you changing for the better or for the worse? I pray we shall strive to get better, to get to the next level. One of the keys to getting to the next level is living according to the spirituality of now. Stay in the moment. the only time you are fully in control of is this very moment. Today was tomorrow yesterday and will be yesterday tomorrow. In other words yesterday was tomorrow before it became today then yesterday. Confusing? If you want to get next level focus on what you are doing right now!!!

Don’t try to do this all by yourself. Ask God for help. Strive to be your best everyday. Don’t be afraid to strive to be great wherever you find yourself. Do this, whether things are going according to plan or not. Stay in the moment. Love God now!!!!! Loving God now, does not mean that you will not make mistakes or even fall into temptation or fail sometimes. It means you will never give up. It means you will always ask God to help you. It means you will always try to do everything for love.

According to Hosea 6:11, New American Bible, “For it is love that I desire. not sacrifice, and  knowledge of God rather than holocausts.” It is through the knowledge of God and His Grace that we shall be able to live according to his will in the daily moments that make up different aspects of our lives, including our jobs, business, school, family and social life.

If you want to get to the next level in your business, try to be helpful to others. Be fair and kind. Don’t try to cheat others. Be honest with yourself. Admit your limitations but don’t fail to make the best use of your  strengths. God does not make mistakes. He has already promised us that  if we” ask , we shall receive, if we knock the door will be opened”. Luke 11:9. He goes on to say in Luke 11:28″..Blessed are those who hear the word of God and observe it.”

This means that if we want to get to the next level, we have to strive in our daily to do right thing for ourselves. Do not waste time judging others or complaining that others are cheating or that someone is treating you unfairly. Just  try your best and keep on trying your best. Don’t be afraid to have fun. Don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself and your family. God already loves you and He wants you to succeed much more than you can imagine.

Remember that even if you stumble, stay humble. Be thankful for your opportunities and keep on trying to make the best use of them. To get to the next level  through the spirituality of the moment you have to be kind,focused, forgiving and willing to go the extra mile!!!!! Control your temper, be patient and do not be discouraged by other people’s negativity or your own failures or set backs. Remember that with God nothing is impossible.





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One more way to sayThank You Jesus

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The good thing about the Thank You Jesus Rosary is that it is one of the easiest ways to to say Thank You Jesus.People use it everyday to say novenas, to ask for prayer requests and to ask for divine favor.Here are some of the examples of the testimonies others have to give with regards to saying the Thank You Jesus Rosary.

Here is testimony from Stella:

“Thank you Jesus is a very miraculous prayer. I started saying the rosary in 2008 when I wanted to go for NYSC and wasn’t able to do my clearance in school. A friend’s mom gave me the rosary, and the impossible became possible. I was given my call up letter a day before the camp without doing the clearance,  and this never ha1ppens in my school. Although I don’t get to say 1000 thank you Jesus every day, I still say thank you Jesus on a daily basis.”

Here is testimony from Debbie:

“I am from Canada and three of my sisters and one of my five brothers took our mother to Sister Angelicas shrine in Alabama just this past September..I seen a nun with these beads and i said to her what is that??She explained to me what it was and she said would you like one I will send you on I received it two days ago and i am going to make a commitment to say thank you to Jesus everyday 1000 times for the rest of my life…I can believe how one meditates when saying this chaplet..There have been miracles on our family since i have come back from Alabama..This is a amazing prayer..”

Apart from the standard practice of saying Thank You Jesus 1000 times a day, you can also  say “Thank You Jesus”,10 times each time you need emotional upliftment. When your spirit  is down or when you are not allowed to speak or ask a question or even express your feelings or your point of view; Just say,”Thank You Jesus” 10 times. Be specific on why you are being thankful.Doing this over and over  will help you change from feeling sad to feeling happy. Try it! Make sure you share your experience with us and may God continue to bless  you!!


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Get what you want everyday by saying Thank You Jesus

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Do you know a simple way to get what you want everyday? You can do this by saying”THANK YOU JESUS” everyday. By doing this at crucial moments in your life, you will find yourself more relaxed and more focused in your daily life. The more you focus, the more clearly you can see your goals and the steps you to take to make them a reality.

Start each day with the expectation that you will do well. Pray in the morning or say the “Thank You Jesus Rosary” on your way to work. Why? This helps to put you in the frame of mind for good health and great success.Doing this will help you generate positive thoughts for yourself.It will help you focus on getting the best out of your day, instead of worrying about what others have said or done.

When you say thank you Jesus, your tap into the ocean of calmness and success that God has already planned for you. You will stop wasting time and become more inclined to take only the action that will help serve others. When you become more fulfilled in your relationship with God, it becomes easier for you to serve God and all the people you encounter throughout your day.

When you make serving others, the foundation of your daily encounters, it becomes easier for you to get what you want everyday. This means that even when your emotions are rattled by unexpected bad news, you can still keep things in perspective. You can look for the silver lining in every cloud. This way you can turn every challenge or setback into an opportunity for growth. By saying Thank You Jesus, you are letting Jesus know that you know that you are not alone and you need His help. God will always help us get what we need for our daily lives because His love for us is as mighty as the ocean.

Remember that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.Thank You Jesus.

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5 ways to say the Thank You Jesus Rosary

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If you really want to have peace and live an abundant life then you have to thank God everyday or the least frequently. You can use the Thank You Jesus Rosary to do so. Here are five ways you can do this!

First you can use the Thank You Jesus Rosary to say a novena,This a nine-day prayer. You can do this by saying the thank you Jesus everyday for nine consecutive  days. Many people who have  said the rosary for nine days  have come and shared their  stories through comments.

The second way you can do this is to say the Thank You Jesus Rosary during exercise. You can say it when you are going for walk or when you are jogging. Say it every day  as you do other forms of daily exercise.

Thirdly, you can say the Thank You Jesus Rosary after mass.This is a particularly good idea after mass on Saturdays when everybody is not in a hurry to go to work.You can form a group that says the Thank You Jesus Rosary in your church every Saturday. It is an easy way to say thank you to Jesus 1000 times.

The fourth way you can say the thank you to Jesus, would be to say the Thank You Jesus Rosary every Sunday with your family,Each person should say 10 reasons why  he or she is thankful to God for the past week.

The Fifth way to say Thank You  Jesus Rosary while driving. Do you only when it is safe. You can ask your passenger to start the prayer. Others in the car can then  chime in and before you know it you have all collectively said than you to Jesus 1000 times.

May God continue to uplift all of us. Kindly post a comment, share your concerns or ask a question.


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