The Secret To Daily Happiness

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Dr. Chio Ugochukwu

Coordinator of Adoration International Ministries

Do you know the secret to daily happiness? Do you have your own secret to daily happiness? The secret to daily happiness lies in your ability to transform your daily moments. If you do not transform the moments that make up your daily life then your potential for having a happy day will be greatly diminished. God wants us to be happy both here on earth and in heaven. He wants us to be happy now!!!!!!

One step in the right direction would be to try to pray once you wake up. If there is no time, then pray on your way to work. If not pray as soon as you get to work. Keep it simple. Praying simply means you are pausing for a moment to tell God about your plans for the day. Give Him details. Tell Him your main goals for the day and how you hope to accomplish them. This is a very important part of the secret to your daily happiness. It is like having a road map for your journey. If you leave your house in the morning and you start by driving in the wrong direction, you may end up having an accident, unless you realize your mistake and quickly change direction. Another way to change directions when you are lost is to ask for help. Of course you have to be careful to ask the right person. God is always willing to help us if we ask Him.

Our daily happiness is fleeting because we have to deal with different issues and situations through out our lives. We have to deal with work,  with our emotions, we have to deal with family, we have to deal our friends, we have to deal with strangers and even sometimes with those we know do not want us to succeed. How can we deal with all different situations and still be happy. We can do this through  the concept and act of situational management. This means you have to deal with each situation fruitfully without getting overwhelmed.

You have to look at everyday as a series of moments that encompass the situations and circumstances of our daily lives with opportunities and challenges.You also have to remember that  God wants us to be happy everyday, but  that we have learn about the simple steps we can take in our daily lives that will help us to have fun in the Lord, to interact happily with our friends and family members. If you want to learn more about situational management and other tips for daily happiness, be on the look out for my new book the, “The Secret to Daily Happiness.”

May God continue to transform and bless you.



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Let Christ Live Through You For Unlimited Success

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If you let Christ live through you, you shall have success beyond your imagination. This is true for each one of us. We just have to believe and allow Christ into our lives. By doing this we let the power of God become completely functional in every aspect of our lives. How can you fail when the full power of God is working in your life?

You cannot. The problem we have is that because we are human and weak, the evil one finds a way to make have less faith in God. We start by falling into every temptation. Sometimes these temptations come in the form of distractions or doubts. The distractions can be internal or external. An example of an external distraction would be a friend coming to visit you as you are getting ready to for Mass  or service on Sunday. Instead of taking the opportunity to let the friend know you need to go and worship God, you make an excuse and  either stay at hone with the friend or you end up going out with the friend. By doing this you miss an opportunity to get your spiritual fuel  or energy recharged for the coming week.

Doing this will leave in danger of not having the the energy you need to overcome temptation at critical times during the week. This is like driving your car without regularly putting gas into your car. If you do this consistently enough, you will eventually run out of gas. if you are lucky , you can run out of gas near a filling station, at other times, it might be in the middle of nowhere. How can you can help , if you are in the middle of nowhere. It is difficult .

The same can happen to us , if we stop praying, reading the bible, being thankful to God and stop treating others the way we would like them to treat us. By letting Christ live through us, we shall become more focused in trying to do the will of God all the time. According to st. Gregory of Nyssa, what it means to be called a Christian is to be someone who has proclaimed to be an imitation of God.  We can only do this if we choose purify ourselves as far as possible from vile thoughts and deeds.

Pleasing God in everything that we do, we help us become the best versions of ourselves. We shall have better relationships. we shall have greater financial rewards, better jobs, more success in business, we shall become more generous, more forgiving and more thankful. Take advantage of this moment and say thank you to Jesus. Tell Him your plans, your fears and your dreams. Tell Him you want to have unlimited success through His help and your desire to help others. May God continue to have mercy on all of us, and continue to bless us beyond our dreams. Can you remember anyone you have helped in the past 7 days? Is there anyone you have forgiven in the past seven days?

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Thank Jesus for your daily cross

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Until you learn to say Thank You Jesus, as you carry your cross everyday, you will not become a happy disciple of the Lord. Someone once said that everyday we go through five minor humilations  or minor crisis situations and in our lifetime, we shall go through five major humilations or major crisis situations.

As a person of faith, instead of looking at these as humilations , we can look at them as crosses. I personally look at my daily cross as an opportunity to grow. Jesus said in Mathew 10;38 that “whoever does not take up his cross and follow after him is not worthy of me.” This means that if we do not take up our daily crosses we shall be disciples of Jesus.This is why  I say that instead of complaining about our daily challenges or humilations, we should thank God for the crosses of the day, because carrying them will help us better disciples of Christ.

We also have to remember that without the help of Christ, we cannot carry our daily crosses.Your everyday cross, can come from your family, friends or enemies.Whichever way, it comes from, the most important thing for to do is to carry it, to grow from it and to love God more.

God always gives us the cross we need to love Him more.If you need patience, your cross will come in the form of impatient people or situations in which your patience will be treated.Don’t make the mistake of trying to carry your cross alone, present your situation to God and ask Him to help you.

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Use daily prayers to overcome daily stress and remain happy

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We all know that Jesus came so that we may life and have it more abundantly.Everyday, we have to try to deal in one form or another. It could be from illness, work, family or social life.Sometimes life could be going well then unexpectedly something bad will happen.What will you do?One effective way to deal with such a situation is to pray.

Pray for divine protection and divine grace.Ask God for the wisdom to deal with difficult and unexpected challenges.Remember that stress can impact our lives at anytime, anywhere.How you react to it, will determine whether you can overcome it or manage it and still be happy.

First you need to pray for acceptance. This means you accept that God is the almighty and you need His help for any project you want to accomplish.If you want to minimize stress you have to realize that sometimes the disappointments we experience in our daily lives, can be the greatest gifts God has ever given us.

One way we can take advantage of the opportunities that can be potentially associated with daily stress is to pray for the grace to help us to take the right action when such activities or events occur. Sometimes, this will mean walking away, at other times it might mean asking questions and other times it alo means asking God for forgiveness.

The key to taking the right action is situational management.Look for the valuable lesson in the moments or situations that make up your daily life.Sometimes the lesson can be life-saving, though it might be very stressful at the time of its occurrence.

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Make yourself a winner by making God a winner through out the moments that make up your day

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What do you do with the moments that make up your day? Do you try to do the right thing or do you try to do things that may not be in the up and up? Each moment that makes up your day is an opportunity for you to live according to the will of God by treating  others the way, you would like to be treated. It is an opportunity for you to try your best, to be patient with those you find annoying while being thankful for the blessings you have received in your life. In short, you can make yourself a winner by making God the winner through out the moments that make up your day.

However, we all know that this is easier said than done. This is because sometimes we get carried away by our emotions, our desires or our need to justify our actions or decisions.Sometimes this means we take the easy way out, we choose to look for a quick fix, like lying, corruption, stealing , lashing out in anger, drugs or sex, instead of trying to do the right thing.

We sometimes do the wrong thing because it is easier to do. Like David in the bible, we sometimes  find it easier to look lustfully at others than to look away. This is especially true, if we rely on ourselves. This will lead us to the path of falling into temptation,doing harm to ourselves, to our families and to others.However, if we admit that we are weak and ask God to help us, we  can look at others the way, we would like them to look at us. We can look at them with love.Doing this will help us become winners.

If  you truly want to become a winner throughout the moments that make up your day, then you must be prepared to look at each moment of the day as an opportunity for you to transform into abundance, just like the merchant sees every moment or an encounter with a customer as an opportunity to make profit. We can do this praying to win through out the day.

Through prayers, we remove the burden from ourselves, because we acknowledge that we cannot do anything by ourselves, without the help of God. Through prayers, we infuse the moments that make up our days with the transformational power of grace. This will help us to make the right decisions and take the right action, in the different situations and circumstances, we find ourselves in, throughout the day.

How can we do this consistently?

By praying to win every day.

By being thankful to God.

By planning ahead.

By avoiding occasions of sin.

By watching what we read and what we watch.

By taking daily action to help us become more financially independent.

By becoming more forgiving.

By becoming more kind and more generous with our time and possessions.

Finally,  we simply ask so that we shall receive. May God continue to bless you and transform you into a winner throughout the moments that make up your day.

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3 tips to unlimited abundance

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If you want to live abundantly, be prepared to love abundantly. This means trying as much as you can to love yourself and others without conditions and without benchmarks.Are you prepared to forgive those who treat you the way you do not like? Are you ready to overlook hurtful remarks and accept your daily challenges? Here are 3 tips to unlimited abundance.

The first tip is that you should anchor your quest for unlimited abundance in the Lord. Remember that in John 10:10b, Jesus said”I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly.” This means Jesus has come so that we can have joy, happiness,health and success beyond our imagination.

This does not mean, we shall live a life without struggle.After all in John 10:10 a, Jesus said ,”A thief comes only to steal and slaughter and destroy.” This means that while Jesus is prepared to give unlimited abundance , the thief , who can sometimes come to us in the form of our excuses or uncontrolled desires , is out limit our abundance and destroy us. However, if we make the mistake of trying to fight a thief who is much stronger than us, we shall lose.

The second tip for unlimited abundance is praying to win. This means you talk to God about your situation in life. You admit your weaknesses, imperfections and sins. You tell God your  fears , concerns and worries. Howevr, don’t forget to tell God about your hopes, goals and dreams. Finally , tell God about your plans and the daily action states you intend to take to help you make your dreams a reality. After all, We all know that God helps those who help themselves.

This is means that after you have prayed and presented your plans to God, if you stumble on the way, you will have to get up and keep on going. After all because Jesus, loved us so much, even after falling three times on his road to calvary, he still got up and carried his cross. This was because he knew his mission  was to die for us, so that we become children of God and have the capacity to have life abundantly. What can we learn from this?

Do you cooking because the first time you tried it nobody wanted to It? No, what you do is go back to the drawing board and learn how to become a better cook. Did you give up driving because the first time , you tried it ,you failed? No. Do not give on your prayers or your desire for unlimited abundance because you are struggling right now. After all, most great projects start small.

The third tip to living with unlimited abundance, is being thankful. The more you thank God for what he has done for you, the more he will do for you. You can thank God through the “Thank You Jesus Rosary”, you can also thank God through regular reading of the bible, you can also thank God by sharing your time,talents and wealth with others. You can help others get an education or get access to health.You can also thank God, by trying to do ordinary things extra=ordinarily well.

May God continue to bless you beyond  your wildest imagination. May you have life  with unlimited abundance!!!!!!

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