Why we need to be praying to win all the time

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According to Blessed Pope John Paul II who by the grace of God shall be Saint Pope John Paul II on April 27th 2014, “True holiness does not mean a flight from the world; rather, it lies in the effort to incarnate the Gospel in everyday life, in the family, at school and at work, and in social and political involvement.” Praying everyday will help us win the battles that make up our daily life.

We all know that everyday, we try to be happy from the time we wake p to the time we fall asleep. The challenges to our daily life could come from our thoughts, our emotions and our actions. Our emotions can be influenced by what our friends say to us, they could be influenced by how our family members speak to us.What should we do ? Should we complain and give up?  No. according to Pope John Paul II we should,” incarnate  the Gospel into our everyday life” How can we do not pray to win everyday?

Remember that while it is true that our thoughts influence our emotions, which influence our behavior, prayers can influence all three at the same time. By praying to God, who will help us change our thoughts , so that we can end up changing our behavior and how we deal with the moments and the circumstances that make up our days.

We can begin this process by telling God everything about us. As soon as we accept that without God, we cannot do anything, then we shall see how everything we do or try to do, in our lives  from the moments we wake up will depend on our living in the presence of God.May God continue to bless  us as we try to incarnate or immerse the word of God, into our jobs, work,studies,projects, relationships,and  our  weaknesses.

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Happy Easter! Pray To Win Everyday

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I hope you had a great Easter day. Did you go to mass? Do you remember the sermon? If you did not, do not feel too dejected. You may not be alone. One way to help you remember the sermon is to read the bible readings for mass, the day before mass. This means you read your missal or bible readings on the Saturday before the mass on Sunday.

Why is this important? This is important because the more you are familiar with the word of God, the more you can pray to win everyday! Unless we continue praying to win through the moments and circumstances that make up our day, the devil will continue to take advantage of us.

We have to pray to win everyday because we need the help of God to overcome the evil one, who is always trying to trick or confuse us. Besides, we need the spiritual energy to move from one challenge to another as we accomplish the tasks that make up the days of our lives. Not praying everyday, can be compared to trying to drive your car without gas.It can also be compared to driving from destination A to destination B , without a map or GPS.

The problem with driving without a map or without directions is that you may end not getting to your destination.When try to get through your day without praying, you too might end up not accomplishing all your plans for the day. If you do not have enough time to say all your prayers start with simple prayers today!

Pray to win everyday because the more you pray, the more God will help you overcome your daily difficulties.If you want to learn how you can you can always pray to win everyday, then read Praying To Win: How To Get More Victories And Riches In Your Daily Life Through Spiritual Principles.

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Saying Thank you to Jesus everyday

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How many times a day do you say,”Thank You Jesus”? The answer for most people is may be once or may be not at all.Why? The problem is that we are so caught up into trying to have a good day that we are forget the one source that can help us look at things differently.Because we do this, we fail to live or lives with an attitude of gratitude.

Two weeks ago, a 27 year old woman, who was abandoned by her mother 27 years ago wanted to find her and thank her. I was shocked! How could someone want to thank, the mother who gave birth to her in a Burger King fast food restaurant and abandoned her? She said she wanted to thank her for abandoning her in a place where she could be quickly and easily found by others.Can you imagine that?

She said she was thankful because her mother had cared for her for 9 months in her womb before giving birth to her.She said she was thankful because in those 9 months, her mother had not used drugs or taken alcohol during that time.She said though her mother had abandoned her, she was still very thankful to her for giving her the gift of life.

This got me thinking.How thankful are we to Jesus? After all, Jesus has given us the gift of salvation and a way of life that leads to happiness now and forever. Do we spend enough time being thankful to Jesus for what he has done for us? For the most part we either do not thank Him enough or we end up not paying enough attention to Jesus in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The other problem is that even those of who want to thank Jesus everyday are not really sure about how we can do that. One way to do this is to visit the blessed Sacrament more regularly. The other way is to humbly become more appreciative of the precious moments that make up our life. This includes the moments we share with our families, our friends and ourselves.

The interesting thing about regularly saying thank to Jesus everyday, is that it helps you to have positive energy throughout the day. It will also give you, what Bishop Fulton Sheen , called peace of soul. Positive energy and peace of soul will help you to overlook little daily irritations and stay more focused on making every encounter with others a positive experience.

Find your own way of saying thank you Jesus everyday, then share your experience with us and others. Please spend a day thanking Jesus at least 24 times a day, then share your comments about how that ended up affecting your day.

May Jesus continue to protect and bless us. Thank You Jesus!!!!!!

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Thanking God everyday will get you more blessings

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Sometimes we spend so much time asking God for help that we forget to thank Him for what He has done for us.Yet when we cultivate an attitude of thanksgiving we get better results in our lives.This is because thanking God everyday will get you more blessings.

This means that instead of spending most of your time, worrying about your problems, your fears, your family and your job, you can turn around and activate your faith by thanking God for the blessings you have taken for granted. Being alive today is a blessing.Thank God for it!!!! Please, don’t take God for granted.

According to Philippians 4,6(New American Bible),”Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.” What more can I say? We need to make thanksgiving part of the fabric of our daily lives. This way God will be happy with us and bless us beyond our wildest dreams.Remember how then leper that came back got blessed beyond the cleansing of his body.

The more we express gratitude tom God for the things we take for granted, the more hen will bless us. Did you known that if the kidneys stop working, each person will need dialysis at least three times a week just to remain normal? If dialysis costs 45,000 Naira per session, then thats at least 135,000 Naira per week.This means just by being alive and well, God has already given us a blessing of about half a million naira every month.How? Since 4 weeks make up one month, it means that in 4 weeks, the person would have to spend about 540,000 Naira.This is just an example as we all know that God blesses up in many different ways everyday of our lives.

Of course, we are all praying for good health and long live with the means to take care of ourselves and others. However, we have to remember to thank God for the journey mercies so far.This is where being able to regularly say “Thank You Jesus” becomes important. One way to help you form the habit of thanking God every day is through regularly saying the “THANK YOU JESUS ROSARY.” Another way is through regular attendance of mass, adoration and participating in acts of worship and acts of service.

Whichever way works for you, make sure you continue to say thank you to Jesus everyday.

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Ask God for help to overcome your temptations

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We all know that God does not tempt us. Our temptations come from our desires and from the devil trying to trick us to do the things that are against the will of God. If we want to remain strong and faithful children of God, we need to ask God to help us overcome our daily temptations.

This is important because unless we consistently ask God to help us, we shall end up doing wrong.This is because the devil is smarter than us, he will trick us and make us justify doing wrong. If you get used to doing  the wrong thing, you will find yourself forming bad habits. Worse still, you start rationalize your sin and your bad choices.

This year,2014, shall be our year of blessed assurance. God will shower us with victories and riches in all our endeavors, but first we must learn to consistently pray to win.This means we to pray everyday.We have to pray in the morning,afternoon and night.

We have to actively ask God to help us overcome our daily temptations. We have remember that we are not strong enough to beat the devil by ourselves.In addition to daily prayers, you also have to make sure go for mass and adoration regularly.

If you cannot go for adoration because you are out of the country,take time to watch some adoration videos on you tube. You can also listen to tapes and music from Fr. Mbaka. Everybody knows his music is inspirational.

On the other hand as members of the adoration family we organize to have Fr. Mbaka come and our visit our city or country of residence. This usually not easy to do and requires a lot planning and praying.

While having a visit from our daddy, Fr.Mbaka would be fantastic, it is equally important for us as members of the adoration family to continue to immerse ourselves in the word of God. We can do this r through reading the bible and reading books that can help to transform our spirituality on a daily basis.

Transformed spirituality through daily reading will  help us  become more consistent people of prayer. In the end, it is only through moment to moment  prayer that you can ask God to help you overcome your daily temptations.







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Ask God For Everything You Want Now

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Do not be ashamed of your faith. You have God with you all the time, ask Him to help you. Tell Him everything then ask Him for for all that you want.You have to remember that the devil never rests. He is always prowling around looking for whom to devour. If we don’t  ask God to help us then we are doomed to be deceived by the devil. Remember the devil has more than    2000 years of experience! You have to ask God for everything.

This means you have to ask god everyday for help. Ask for divine protection. First ask for life! Do not take your life for granted.During this Christmas season ask for protection from accidents, sudden death and other unknown pitfalls. Admit your sins, mistakes and failures. Be humble and prayerful. Remember that without God we can do nothing.

Be vigilant! Ask God for everything you need now! Tell Him about all your plans for the future. Never, hesitate to add Jacobea conditio. If  it pleases God. All our plans are dependent on God. We shall start and finish our projects if it pleases God. This is the only way to anchor our plans on God.

During this Christmas season, it is important that we ask for journey mercies. Pray for divine protection as we run around buying presents, visiting loved ones, traveling to see relatives, aunts, uncles and extended families, we need to be prayerful and vigilant. God helps those who help themselves.

Do not hesitate to tell God about your plans, fears, goals and dreams. Present obstacles to your progress to God. Ask for clarity . Be sure that your are doing what you  were created to do.Make sure that like St Andre Bessette that you know your calling. Once you know your calling, do not let obstacles discourage.Ask God for everything you want now!!!!!

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